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Grey Limbo

Supporting your journey towards wholeness, wellbeing & meaningful change

I am so glad you are here.
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Can I help?


Sometimes we need more than a journal, a pet or a friend to talk to. Sometimes we need someone who is experienced and can help us walk through the depths of our pain.


 Whether you're feeling lost, Isolated, anxious or depressed, or struggling with relationship dynamics, addiction, stress, childhood trauma, bereavement, shame, regret or anger.


I’m here to help.


My professional and compassionate service provides a supportive and dynamic context for reflection and self-inquiry, where you can delve into your emotions, feelings, and experiences. It serves as a catalyst for stimulating change and growth. Throughout this process, we consciously address life and relationship limitations, explore your needs, and navigate broader issues and familial systems. Additionally, I offer a space for emotional respite, quietude, and healing. 



In each session, you’ll be welcomed into a space where you can be completely open and honest about what you’re going through — without fear of judgment. As you share, I may ask prompting questions that feel relevant and important, aimed at clarifying and structuring your thoughts, witnessing what needs to be seen and understanding where you’re hurting and what support you need.

Who am I?

I’m Tina, a BACP registered Integrative Therapist providing online, phone, and in-person sessions. I’m dedicated to helping people heal and restore, fostering an environment where they can feel accepted to embrace their authenticity and overcome emotional, mental, and physical challenges.

I am trained in and integrate person-centred, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural and embodied therapies to suit you. My style is warm, collaborative, and affirming, and I believe that the relationship between therapist and client is the core of successful therapy.

To find out more about me and how I work, click the button below.

Natural Steaming Mud

"To begin with, it may seem like an unravelling but in fact, it is the gentle and organic process of allowing your authentic being to emerge like a seed out of the earth.

We explore your pain: the depression, the conflict, the anxiety, the grief, the trauma, the stuckness, the addiction. We discover the beliefs that cause them and how they affect you."

Tina Heeley

Contact Tina Heeley Therapy


If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a consultation with me, please reach out on the contact information below. I would love to hear from you.


07491 856392



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Thank You!

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